By: Sharon Paley

More Self-Guided Trainings

A day in a government job is hectic — running between meetings, solving problems and putting out fires (sometimes literally). We get it. You are busy making your community better. 

GovEx Academy is committed to helping you do your job better, not making it harder by jamming up your schedule with courses. That’s why in 2020, we will be offering more self-guided trainings. You’ll be able to pace your work to align with everything else you have to do.

Our current self-guided offerings focus on basic concepts related to government data usage, but starting in March, we will be offering more advanced content in this flexible format.

Craving a course on a specific topic? We base our new content on the needs of our learners. Take our survey of data practices to help determine how you, your department, and government are faring using data. 

New Leadership

We’re currently on the hunt for a new leader for the Academy and are excited to bring in someone with fresh ideas and experiences onto our team. 

If you or someone you know is interested in the GovEx Academy Director position, please apply.

This Website

Since you’re reading this blog, you’re already in the know about another change we’re excited about in 2020: a full website to support GovEx Academy learners. We’ve added FAQs, stories of how training has brought positive change to communities like yours (check out this post on Asheville, for example), and information about how GovEx Academy works for you.

You’ll still be able to access all our trainings at But, bookmark to check out our supplemental content too, and to send it to colleagues who may be interested in learning more about our offerings. 

Find something’s missing from the site? Want more information on a topic? Have your own training success story you want to share? Please contact us at