By: Jennifer Youtz Grams

At GovEx Academy, we offer a variety of in-person training opportunities, from large, multi-day workshops to small, custom-designed sessions. Whichever your preference, we’ve shared some tips below on how to maximize your experience at a GovEx Academy training. 

Before the Training

  1. Review the training description

Before you sign up for a GovEx Academy training, read the session description to make sure it sounds like a good fit for your skillset, experience level and learning objectives. You should also note the session date, time, and location. 

  1. Register for the training 

In some cases, you will need to register through a contact person in your city. In others, you may be asked to reserve your spot through the GovEx Academy online learning platform. Once you have signed up, put the date on your calendar! If you registered online, be sure to check the online learning platform prior to your training. Even though this is an in-person session, your instructor may post pre-session readings or materials for you to review. 

  1. Complete the pre-session survey

In advance of your training, you will receive a survey from GovEx Academy. Your response to the pre-session survey will help our team know how to best serve you and the other students in this session.

  1. Prepare to explore how concepts apply to your work

Our goal is to provide training that is practical and relevant. Thinking about the concepts in advance will help you apply them to your work. 

  • Make a list of any questions you want to have answered during the training. 
  • Be prepared to share examples of projects that are relevant to the concepts being discussed. 

During the Training

  1. Bring an open mind and ask questions

The diversity of our participants enriches the conversation and we often learn as much from you as you do from us. We strive to foster a learning environment that is a safe space for inquiry, learning, and growth. We encourage everyone to bring an open mind, ask questions, take risks, and support others to do the same. 

  1. Bring a sweater or jacket

Conference rooms can be notoriously chilly and we want you to be comfortable during your training.

  1. Bring a laptop, tablet, or tool for note taking

We recommend bringing your tool of choice for note taking. In addition, some training will include hands-on exercises or activities. If you are requested to bring a laptop, tablet, or other technology, those instructions will be provided and posted on the online learning platform. 

After the Training

  1. Share your top three (or more!) takeaways

We hope that you found the training to be useful and informative. We encourage you to reflect on what you learned and share your notes and materials with colleagues so they may benefit from the information as well. This also helps to reinforce your learning. 

  1. Complete the post-training survey

Your feedback on the training is very valuable to us and will be used to refine and improve this and other GovEx Academy trainings for future students. We appreciate hearing about your experience!

  1. Keep in touch

We hope that you will let us know how you used the information you learned in your GovEx Academy training. Please contact the GovEx Academy training team at if you have questions, want to share a story, or need additional information. 

We hope to see you at a GovEx Academy in-person training soon!