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When will I have access to course content and materials?

Course descriptions are viewable in the course catalog, however, course content for facilitated courses is only accessible after registering and submitting payment. For those that have registered and paid, materials are available on the day of the course launch. For self-directed courses, the content is available immediately upon registration.


What if I am unable to attend a virtual live session?

The weekly virtual live sessions for facilitated courses are an important part of the learning program and learners are expected to participate. However, we understand that learners may have occasional schedule conflicts. Live sessions are recorded and posted to the online learning system and it is the responsibility of the learner to watch the recording of any sessions they did not attend.


Will you accept a late assignment?

All facilitated course assignments are expected to be completed by the set due dates. However, we understand that sometimes things come up, and delayed completion may be allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Please be aware, late assignments may not receive feedback or a grade from the instructor.


Can I get a roster of training or course participants?

Due to student privacy restrictions, we are unable to provide information on participants enrolled in a course or training.


Where can I find…?

Please review the LMS intro video [link to video] for this and additional questions. If you still have a problem after reviewing the video, please email us at govexacademy@jhu.edu.

The recordings of live sessions can be found in your course’s “About the Course” section under the “Virtual Live Session Information” unit.

Log into your account, hover your name at the top of the page, select “My Certificates” from the dropdown list. In the Certificates screen, click the trophy icon for your course and download your certificate, or click the “In” icon to share on LinkedIn.

Help! I can’t…

When you are presented with the GovEx Academy splash screen, re-login from that popup screen using your username and password.

Start by refreshing your browser. If that does not work, clean your cache and re-login. If still not successful, check your firewall settings. If all fails, email us at govexacademy@jhu.edu.

Weekly content will become available on the first day of each week. Once you have completed a unit, click the “Completed. Let’s Continue” button to access the next unit in the weekly content. Note that content for the following weeks will be grayed out until the next week starts.

Log into your course to double check if you have all the learning activities and units completed. You should see a green checkmark on all completed units. If all the completed units are checked, your certificate will be available in your learner profile, under “My Certificates”. If not, please go back and complete the learning activities and units that are remaining.

Other questions?

Get in touch with us at govexacademy@jhu.edu.