The ability to use data is of increasing importance for the public sector. But staying on the cutting edge of the ever-evolving fields of data and analytics can be a challenge. Civic Impact’s training center, GovEx Academy is here to help you stay current on the latest data skills necessary for the workforce.

GovEx Academy is the only training center designed and dedicated to improving  data skills for the public sector workforce. Our courses focus on empowering public sector leaders and staff sector to manage, use, and communicate with data for public impact. Alongside your government and NGO peers, you’ll be trained using your own data and addressing the problems you face daily.

We work within your schedule by offering a full suite of online course modules that allow you to improve your skills on a flexible schedule. All of our courses are certified by Johns Hopkins University, giving participants the recognition they deserve for building new capabilities to improve public impact. We also develop customized training programs for organizations alongside our government partners to ensure our content is timely, relevant, and practical for on-the-ground practitioners no matter their focus.

Learn about how GovEx Academy can help you with: